Steering Committee

David Redish Director of Graduate Studies
Linda McLoon Associate Director of Graduate Studies
James Ashe Former DGS (Ex Officio)
Timothy Ebner Chairperson, Department of Neuroscience
Lucy Vulchanova Course Director, Systems Neuroscience
Eric Newman Chair, Curriculum and Exam Committee
Course Director, Cell and Molecular Neuroscience
Yasushi Nakagawa Course Director, Developmental Neuroscience
Mark Masino Course Director, Behavioral Neuroscience
Patrick Rothwell Course Director, Quantitative Neuroscience
Paulo Kofuji Course Director, Itasca Lab Courses
Robert Meisel Chair, Faculty Status Committee
Sylvain Lesne Chair, Admissions Committee
Nicola Grissom Co-Chair, Recruitment and Marketing Committee
Cheryl Olman Chair, Outreach Committee
Karen Mesce Elected Representative
Michael Georgieff Elected Representative
Paul Mermelstein PI, NIDA Training Grant
Zoe Christenson Wick Student Representative ('17-'19)
Caitlin Durkee Student Representative ('16-'18)

Admissions Committee

Sylvain Lesne, Chair
Bob Meisel
Alfonso Araque
Matthew Chafee
Marija Cvetanovic
Ling Li
Karen Mesce
Lucy Vulchanova
Janna Moen, Student Representative
Roman Tyshynsky, Student Representative

Ex Officio
David Redish, DGS
Linda McLoon, ADGS

Recruitment and Marketing Committee
(Numbers in Parentheses are the dates of appointment)

Nicola Grissom, co-chair
Linda McLoon, co-chair

Geoff Ghose
Sarah Heilbronner
Patrick Rothwell

Reshma Gore, Student Representative and Minority Chair (Oct. '17 - Dec. '19)
Mariah Wu, Student Representative (Oct. '17 - Dec. '19)
Maria Linn-Evans, Student Representative (Oct. '17 - Dec. '19)

Natalie Lopresti (Steenrod), Student Representative (Oct. '17 - Dec. '19)

Marketing and Communications Subcommittee

Patrick Rothwell, Chairperson
Natalie Lopresti (Steenrod)


Curriculum and Exam Committee

Eric Newman, Chair & Course Director
Mark Masino, Course Director
Steve McLoon, Course Director
Lucy Vulchanova, Course Director
Paulo Kofuji, Course Director
Lorene Lanier
Geoff Ghose
Bethany Stieve, Student Representative

Faculty Status Committee

Robert Meisel, Chair
Esther Krook-Magnuson
Angus MacDonald III
Yasushi Nakagawa
Don Simone
Reshma Gore, Student Representative

Seminar and Colloquium Committee

Lorene Lanier, Chair
Chloe Cable, Student Representative
Carey Lyons, Student Representative

Awards and Recognition Committee

Jonathan Gewirtz, Chair
Andrew Grande
Carlee Toddes, Student Representative

Community Outreach Committee

Cheryl Olman, Chair, Brain Awareness Week Co-Coordinator
Janet Fitzakerley, Brain Awareness Week Co-Coordinator
John Paton, Brain Awareness Week Administrator
Walter Low, Brain Bee Coordinator
Reshma Gore, Student Representative
Hillary Handler, Student Representative

Career Facilitation Committee

Linda McLoon, ex officio
Melissa Asher, Student Representative
Chloe Cable, Student Representative
Haleigh Mulholland, Student Representative
Carlee Toddes, Student Representative
Zach Ziedler, Student Representative
Julia Gamache, Student Representative

C.O.G.S. Representative
(Numbers in Parentheses are the dates of appointment)

Armani Del Franco, Student Representative ('17-'18)

Student Board
(Numbers in Parentheses are the dates of appointment)

Nicole Zarate , First Year Student Rep (17-18)
Roman Tyshynsky, Second Year Student Rep (17-18)
Amy Nippert, Third Year Student Rep (17-18)
Morgan Newhoff, Fourth Year Student Rep (17-18)
Anna Ingebretson, Fifth Year & Beyond Student Rep (17-18)

Mentorship Committee

Maria Linn-Evans
Janna Moen