GPN Colloquium Series

Time: 12:00 noon - 1:00 p.m.
Location: 2-101 Nils Hasselmo Hall

Colloquia time and location remain the same unless otherwise noted below.

Fall Semester 2019


Speaker and Topic

Sep. 11 Jan Zimmerman
"Choice stochasticity, value sensitivity and it’s relation to environmental statistical regularities"

Andrew Venteicher
"Neurodevelopmental programs coopted in primary human gliomas"
Sep 18 Kendrick Kay
"The Natural Scenes Dataset (NSD): massive high-quality whole-brain 7T fMRI during visual perception and memory"

Rita Perlingeiro
"iPS cells: potential for cell therapy, disease modeling and drug discovery in muscular dystrophies"

Sep. 25 Amy Nippert
Advisor: Eric Newman
"Alterations in Neurovascular Coupling in the Awake Mouse"

Janna Moen
Advisor: Anna Lee
"Bidirectional Sex-Dependent Regulation of Nicotinic Receptors and Associated Reward Behaviors by Protein Kinase C Epsilon"
Oct. 2 Morris Smithberg Award Ceremony
  Gordon Smith
"Inhibition in developing cortical networks"

Cheryl Olman
"New ideas for public engagement"
Oct. 9 Anna Zilverstand
"Neurobiological Subtypes Underlying Different Cognitive-Emotional Profiles in Cocaine Addiction"

Harald Junge
"Blood-CNS barriers catch the eye"
Oct. 16 Brendan Hasz
Advisor:  David Redish
"Representation of context and prospection in HPC and dmPFC"

Megan Monko
Advisor: Sarah Heilbronner
"The Posteromedial Cortex across species"
Oct. 23 SFN
Oct. 30 Amanda Barks
Advisor:  Michael Georgieff
"Developmental iron deficiency alters TET methylcytosine dioxygenase activity and global DNA hydroxymethylation in the rat cerebellum "

Angela Neitz - Postdoc Ebner
"Cerebellar output modulates cerebral cortical functional connectivity"
Nov. 6 Michael Koob
"Full Gene-Replacement Mouse Models of Neurodegenerative Diseases"

Sade Spencer
"Potential of repurposing an old drug for a new treatment for cocaine addiction"
Nov. 13 Natalie Lopresti
Advisor:  Paul Mermelstein
"Probing neuroplasticity in drugs of abuse"

Cody Walters
Advisor: David Redish
"Representational dynamics underlying risky decision-making"
Nov. 20 Jurgen Konczak
"A non-invasive neuromodulation treatment for focal dystonia: From basic science to a medical device"

Sidney Kuo - Postdoc Newman
"Regulation of glutamate spillover in the retina"
Nov. 27 Thanksgiving
Dec. 4 Wensheng Lin
 "Mechanisms for maintaining proteostasis in oligodendrocytes and neurons"

Amy Yang
"Cortical representations of social deficits gated by cerebellum dysregulation"
Dec. 6
Elias Boroda - THESIS DEFENSE - 2-137 Jackson Hall
Advisor: Kelvin Lim
"Modulating Human Brain Plasticity with Transcranial Direct Current Stimulation
(tDCS): Basic and Clinical Applications"
Dec. 11 Rocio Gomez-Pastor
“Protein Kinase CK2a' regulates neurotoxic astrocytes induction in Huntington's Disease”

Marija Cvatonovic
"Thinking cerebellum"
Dec. 17
Advisor: Benjamin Hayden
"Foundations for Improved Models of Value-Based Decision-Making: Neural Correlates in the Anterior Cingulate Cortex and their Implications"

Spring Semester 2019


Speaker and Topic

Jan. 23  Michael-Paul Schallmo - Dept of Psychiatry
"A specific disruption of neural suppression in autism"

Ryan Briscoe Runquist
"Market Science"
Trevor Wardill - CBS Ecology, Evolution and Behavior
"Neural integration of visual information in flies and cephalopods for specific behaviors"


Feb. 6 MN State Brain Bee
Feb. 13 Michael Yoo
Advisor:  Ben Hayden
"What can we learn from dynamic experiment paradigm in non-human primate?"

Paloma Gonzalez-Bellido - GPN Faculty Candidate
"Encoding of Moving targets by Insect premotor Neurons"

Nora McCall - THESIS DEFENSE *2:00 - 3:00 pm*
Advisor: Kevin Wickman
"G protein-gated potassium channels in ventral tegmental area dopamine neurons temper behavioral sensitivity to cocaine"

Feb. 20 Carey Lyons
Advisor: Alessandro Bartolomucci
"Cellular senescence: the link between chronic stress and aging?"
  Reshma Gore
Advisor: Lucy Vulchanova
"TrkB function in chronic pain model"
Feb. 27 Julia Gamache
Advisors: Karen Ashe and Michael Koob
"Developmental impact of 4R tau is lost with the pathogenic P301L mutation"
  Habiba Azab
Advisor: Ben Hayden
"Correlates of decisional dynamics in dorsal anterior cingulate cortex"
Mar. 6 Eric Newman
"Exploring Extracellular Space in the CNS"

Gordon Legge
"Reading and Low Vision"
Mar. 13 Timothy Monko
Advisor: Yasushi Nakagawa
"Thalamocortical axons regulate neocortical neurogenesis and microglia"

Aaron Kerlin - GPN Faculty Candidate
"Functional clustering of dendritic activity during decision-making"
Mar. 20 No Colloquium - Spring Break
Mar. 27 Caitlin Durkee - THESIS DEFENSE
Advisor: Alfonso Araque
"G protein signaling in astrocytes regulates neuronal excitability and synaptic plasticity"
Apr. 3 Sylvain Lesne
"Role of soluble alpha-synuclein in Alzheimer's disease"
  Zachary Zeidler
Advisor: Esther Krook-Magnuson
"What did the cerebellum say to the hippocampus?"
Apr. 10 Carlee Toddes
Advisor: Patrick Rothwell
"The social brain and mu: Modulation of social behaviors by mu opioid receptors within the nucleus accumbens"

Effie Tsilbary
"Taking Gulf War Illness from bench to bedside"
Apr. 17 Austin Ferro
Advisors: Marija Cvetanovic and Alfonso Araque
“Biphasic function of Bergmann glia in SCA1"
  George Wilcox
"Peripherally restricted analgesic combination attenuates chronic pain with minimal side effects"
Apr. 24 Justin Lines
Advisor: Alfonso Araque
"Astrocytes modulate sensory-evoked gamma activity"
  Rebecca Speltz Paiz
Advisors: Donald Simone and George Wilcox
"mGluR5 and MOR, how receptor expression affects analgesia."
May 1 Michelle Corkrum - THESIS DEFENSE
Advisor: Alfonso Araque
"Astrocyte-neuron signaling in the nucleus accumbens: implications for brain reward signaling"
May 8
Megan Monko
Advisor: Sarah Heilbronner
"Projections of the Posteromedial Cortex across species"
  Natalie Lopresti
Advisors: Paul Mermelstein and Mark Thomas
"Sex differences in morphine reward"
May 15 Roman Tyshynsky
Advisors: Lucy Vulchanova and John Osborn
"Clarifying the Anatomy and Function of Sensory Renal Nerves in Hemodynamic Regulation"
  Amy Yang
"Aberrant neuronal excitability of the cerebellum in mouse models of autism spectrum disorder"
May 22 Maria Linn-Evans
Advisor: Colum MacKinnon
"Mechanisms of Rigidity Enhancement in Parkinson's Disease"
  Walter Low
"Neuro-Immunology of Stroke and Stem Cell Therapy"
May 29 Maya Wang
Advisor: Ben Hayden
"Neural Substrates for Reward Simulation and Future Planning"
  Brian Trieu
Advisor: Patrick Rothwell
"Exploiting endogenous opioids to modulate accumbal synaptic transmission"
May 30
Elizabeth Moore - THESIS DEFENSE - 2-101 Nils Hasselmo Hall
Advisor: Geoffrey Ghose
"Disassociating Sensory, Choice, and Attentional Signals to Understand Feature Based Perception and Learning in Small Populations of Intermediate Visual Cortex"
June 14
Balvindar Singh - THESIS DEFENSE - 2-137 Jackson Hall
Advisor: Michael Lee
"Investigating the Mechanisms Underlying Synaptic and Cognitive Deficits in Alpha-Synucleinopathies"
July 12
Jennifer Cook - THESIS DEFENSE - 2-101 Nils Hasselmo Hall
Advisor: Lucy Vulchanova
"Complement-3a receptor involvement in peripheral and central neuropathic pain"
July 23
Julia Gamache - THESIS DEFENSE - 2-137 Jackson Hall
Advisors: Karen Ashe and Michael Koob
"Confounding variables in transgenic mouse models of tauopathy"
July 24
Nathalia Torres Jimenez - THESIS DEFENSE - 2-101 Nils Hasselmo Hall
Advisor: Linda McLoon
"The Role of D-Serine in Normal Retinal Function and Implications for Psychiatry"
July 24
Adele DeNicola - THESIS DEFENSE - 2-101 Nils Hasselmo Hall
Advisor: Matthew Chafee
"Altered MD-PFC thalamocortical network dynamics in an NMDAR antagonist animal model of cognitive control deficits in schizophrenia"
August 1
Zoe Christenson Wick - THESIS DEFENSE - 2-101 Nils Hasselmo Hall
Advisor: Esther Krook-Magnuson
"Long-range inhibition in the healthy and epileptic hippocampus"