Training Opportunities

Interdisciplinary Training Program in Cognitive Science

  • The goal of this program is to train students at the boundary between brain and behavior in cognitive science.

Neuroscience Training in Drug Abuse Research

  • The goal of this program is to provide an institutional training program that combines a broadly based curricular training in Neuroscience with research training focused upon neuroscience-oriented approaches to substance abuse.

Training in Neurobehavior/Neuroimmune Addiction Research

  • The PNI Training Program's goal is to train researchers who will be able to experimentally study problems related to substance abuse at either a more fundamental level (e.g., cellular or molecular biology) and/or at a more global level (e.g., systems or whole animal/human) pharmacology, immunology, infectious diseases or behavioral neuroscience related to drug abuse and addiction.

Visual Neuroscience Training Program

  • Supported by the National Eye Institute, the goal of this program is to provide training in vision research.

Integrative Graduate Education and Research Traineeship (IGERT)

  • The goal of this program is to provide interdisciplinary graduate education and research training to highly qualified doctoral students to develop the skills to revolutionize technologies for interfacing with the brain and advance our fundamental understanding of neuroscience processes that arise when we interface with and modulate the brain. 
Training OpportunitiesTraining OpportunitiesTraining OpportunitiesTraining OpportunitiesTraining Opportunities